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Zoo pushes a car off of a plane into a volcano

Photo: CBS
Photo: CBS
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  • Okay, the car diving into the volcano was pretty great. But, bad place to hide, Shepherd guy!
  • Freaky walrus/gorilla hybrid that will say your own name.
  • Ugh, Jackson’s girlfriend is back. And don’t these two ever get tired of being chased by hybrids? Why would you climb into a trailer where you know that one is?
  • Jamie’s psychic thought process toward confessing to the Falcon’s murder was super-annoying. She knew that Mitch would step up and pretend to be her lawyer?
  • Abe yelling at Dariela for trading Clem for Isaac was kind of gratifying. “I spared you the guilt of that decision?” Come on. Weird time for a divorce decision, however.
  • “I know Jamie. I know when she’s lying.” Apparently not, Mitch!
  • So, siblings Abigail and Jackson have the same superpower over the hybrids?
  • “My god, is that… It’s a boy!”
  • Zoo signage #1: “Special consultant.”
  • Zoo signage #2: “Morgue. Homicide. Reception desk.”
  • “We have this evidence… and your confession, which is great.”
  • “What’s happening? Is this because that thing smashed your clicker?” Tessa is dumb.
  • Most annoying this week: The knife-wielding kidnapper lady with the laughable sarcasm.
  • Next week: Clementine gets rescued, probably.

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