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Zach Galifianakis is a slave to weird soda in the trailer for FX’s Baskets

What the hell is going on in Hollywood anyway? Back in the good old days, you paid your dues on sitcoms like The Facts Of Life and Golden Girls, then landed a leading role on a drama like ER, so you could graduate to Tinseltown to make beloved feature films. Now things are all topsy-turvy. Movie stars are winding up on Netflix, and film directors are relegated to hand-crafting low-budget sitcoms. Now Zach Galifianakis, who already managed to leapfrog from internet talk-show host and music video backup dancer to bona fide feature film star, is getting called back down to the farm league, forced to play a down-on-his-luck rodeo clown. When will this madness stop?

Despite an unglamorous turn of events, this brief glimpse of the upcoming FX series Baskets looks like it should preserve Galifianakis’ signature hair-trigger emotional instability. We’ve already gone on longer than the teaser lasts, but suffice to say, if you’re a local fast-food drive-through, and you aren’t going to carry tangerine Fanta or Schweppes, just be prepared for some major customer service problems.

Clown-college dropout Chip Baskets will plumb the depths of his own failure, presumably reacting with numerous explosive tantrums, when Baskets premieres on FX in 2016.

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