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Zach Braff podcasts himself in the Alex, Inc. trailer

ABC presented its fall schedule to advertisers in New York this afternoon, touting a lineup linked by what execs called “defining moments.” Alex Blumberg went through one such experience when he quit his jobs producing This American Life and co-hosting Planet Money in 2014 to start the podcasting network Gimlet Media—a process documented in the first season of Gimlet’s StartUp, and now dramatized in the upcoming ABC sitcom Alex, Inc. As seen in the first trailer for Alex, Inc., that dramatization fits neatly into the alphabet’s family sitcom mold, with telegenic kids (one of whom tells Braff’s Blumberg stand-in “nobody thinks radio is cool, but when you do it, it’s amazing”), a loving-but-sensible spouse (Tiya Sircar), and kooky adult relatives and/or co-workers (Michael Imperioli and Hillary Anne Matthews). But as the trailer is quick to point out, the show also features, producer, director, and star Zach Braff—are they absolutely certain this thing isn’t supposed to called Braff, Inc.?


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