Neither Yara nor Theon are dead… yet. (Photo: Helen Sloan/HBO)

Valar morghulis. All men must die—though that’s actually a mistranslation, and it would be more accurate to say “all men and women must die.” The second episode of season seven brought a maritime clash, where two Sand Snakes went down fighting and a whole bunch of salty Greyjoys died doing battle on both sides. Here’s your guide to the recently deceased.

Obara and Nymeria Sand

Photo: Helen Sloan/HBO


Who died? Obara and Nymeria Sand, also known as Sand Snakes, bastards of Oberyn Martell. Obara Sand was the eldest daughter of Oberyn, who taught her to fight when she was a girl. Nymeria, named after the warrior queen who founded Dorne, was another fierce fighter.

How did they die? Both were killed by Euron Greyjoy as they made their way to Sunspear on Yara Greyjoy’s fleet.

How shocking was it? Both Obara and Nymeria, like all of the Sand Snakes, were excellent fighters who talked a big game. Their fight with Euron could have gone either way, and their sparring on the ship’s deck focused the mayhem and represented Euron’s victory not just over Obara and Nymeria, but the whole fleet. While not integral to the show, their trash talk and bullwhip will be missed.


What does it mean for the show? Two of Daenerys’ allies are gravely threatened with the capture of Yara Greyjoy and would-be seductress Ellaria Sand, complicating the plan laid out so carefully by Tyrion Lannister and throwing into question how they’ll proceed to take King’s Landing.

Many Ironborn

Photo: HBO


Who died? Literal boatloads of Ironborn warriors, on both sides of the Greyjoy family schism.

How did they die? The way all members of their culture hope to go out: in glorious seafaring battle.

How shocking was it? The arrival of her uncle Euron and what was left of the Iron Fleet after she took off with its best ships certainly seemed to take Yara Greyjoy by surprise, interrupting her impending intimacy with the similarly pansexual Ellaria Sand. The slaughter of nameless extras is a given in any Game Of Thrones battle scene, though.


What does it mean for the show? As always, only the fates of the noble (and named) are really important to the plot of the show, but if Yara and Ellaria are able to escape Euron’s clutches, they’ll have very little manpower left to back them up.