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Young Rock gleans life insights from André The Giant in this exclusive clip

Matthew Willig and Adrian Groulx star in NBC's Young Rock
Matthew Willig and Adrian Groulx star in NBC’s Young Rock
Screenshot: Young Rock

In Young Rock, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson documents his experiences growing up in the wrestling world. While the NBC comedy had a slow start, it’s picking up steam as it chronicles three phases of Johnson’s life: as a smart 10-year-old pre-teen (Adrian Groulx), a sly teenager at 15 (Bradley Constant), and on the cusp of adulthood at 18 (Uli Latufeku), when the real-life Johnson transformed from a petty thief to an athlete. Young Rock is framed around the premise that in 2032, Johnson is a presidential candidate—so, it’s also probably predicting the future. But as he reflects on his candidacy, Johnson, who also narrates the series, wants to be open and honest about his past, including the lessons he learned that shaped him as a child.


In an exclusive clip from the March 30th episode, titled “My Day With Andre,” the young of these Young Rocks gets unexpected life advice from André The Giant (played by Matthew Willig), a close friend of his pro-wrestler father, Rocky Johnson (Joseph Lee Anderson). As seen in the adorable clip below, 10-year-old Johnson and André are out at the park feeding pigeons, when André advises him to take care of the largest pigeon instead of shooing him away, possibly because it already feels left out. “Looking back, André was probably trying to show me that there are a million different ways to look at something, if you’re only willing to change your perspective,” potential POTUS Johnson says in the voiceover. No arguments there.

“My Day With Andre” airs on March 30 at 8 p.m. on NBC.

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