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Woody Allen and Miley Cyrus breathe the same air in Crisis In Six Scenes trailer

The inherent strangeness of Woody Allen creating a television series for a streaming network is already a more than ample reason to sit in cautious anticipation for Crisis In Six Scenes. The fact that it co-stars Miley Cyrus as a long-haired hippy almost seems like overkill. Like, you don’t need to work that hard, Crisis In Six Scenes. We were already going to gawk at you. But, whatever—let’s just chalk it up to insurance for our attention.


Our first look at the series last month was little more than a short episode of banter between Allen’s character and his barber, (Vinyl’s Max Casella). That the show is set in the late ’60s barely even registered, especially since Allen’s real-life wardrobe never crossed the threshold of the ’70s. This trailer, though, really leans into the time period, with lots of discussion of bra burning, Black Panthers, protests, and pot. Plus, we get some quick looks at Allen and Cyrus’ chemistry as a comedy duo, which is probably less awkward than you’d imagine. Or, at any rate, about as awkward as any instance in which the 80-year-old filmmaker performs opposite a person under 50.

Crisis In Six Scenes will begin streaming on Amazon Prime on September 30.

[via Vulture]

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