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If Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice is like a big, gritty steak that takes you a few hours to eat and is full of scowls and angst, then this teaser for Monday’s episode of Supergirl makes it look like it’ll be a refreshing after-dinner mint that fills your mouth with a cool blast of joy and friendship. Tortured metaphor aside, Monday’s Supergirl happens to be the highly anticipated crossover with The CW’s Flash series, and it’ll feature Grant Gustin’s Barry Allen somehow speeding his way over to CBS and Melissa Benoist’s National City. This teaser is brief, but it does establish that the tone of the crossover will be significantly more lighthearted than Zack Snyder’s upcoming superhero punch party. Of course, there have been actual funerals that were more lighthearted than Batman V Superman, but the bit in this promo where the two heroes shake hands is at least more fun than your average funeral.

Supergirl’s Flash crossover episode (“World’s Finest”) will premiere on CBS next Monday.


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