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Witches gonna witch in the trailer for Salem’s third season

We don’t know if you’ve checked in on the sleepy little town of Salem, Massachusetts, lately, but things are rough out there. Satanic sacrifices, blood-colored skies, snakes and bugs crawling, like, everywhere—it’s as bad a time as ever to be a Puritan living in a witch’s world.


WGN America’s first original scripted series continues to pack a whole cable network’s worth of crazy into one tight, period-piece-shaped package, releasing a trailer for Salems upcoming third season that goes heavy on dead bodies, melodramatic monologues, and creepy crawlies of all sizes and shapes. We’re not 100 percent sure what’s going on in Salem right now, but two things are certain: if you’re visiting, you should probably bring some oral rat repellent, just to be safe, and we think it might be possible that witches are—just possibly—real. Either way, we’ll know more when Salem season 3 debuts on Halloween weekend later this year.

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