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Win The Walking Dead season 6 and Fear The Walking Dead seasons 1-2 on Blu-ray

The Walking Dead

Despite the undead hordes, the world hasn’t quite come to an end yet on The Walking Dead—not while Carol’s still alive, anyway. No one’s really telling time or keeping a calendar anymore, but there are a couple of distinct eras: There’s the pre-walker period, followed by the confusing mid-outbreak one, and finally, the post-apocalyptic era Rick Grimes & Co. now find themselves in.

Followers of the show and comic are probably also aware of two more: the pre- and post-Negan periods. Portrayed by Jeffrey Dean Morgan, he’s finally swung his way into the show, dividing fans along the way. If you’re among those who aren’t buying what the bro-tastic villain is selling, then winning this limited edition Blu-ray of Walking Dead season six will take you back to the halcyon days of Alexandria.


In addition to the Blu-ray and digital HD, the set also comes with a truck walker case to remind us all of just how fun physical media can still be. One lucky winner will pick up this prize package, which also includes Fear The Walking Dead seasons 1-2 (speaking of pre-worldwide devastation). To enter, just send an email with your info to avcontests@theonion.com with the subject line “Walking Dead/Fear The Walking Dead.” We’ll pick the winner on December 12. Until then, steer clear of Lucille.

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