It may be Game Of Thrones’ “off season,” but that doesn’t mean we can’t talk about it incessantly and speculate wildly over where the series will take us next. What does this shooting location mean? Why does this actor’s hair look this way? Wouldn’t a statue of Tyrion Lannister look great on my nightstand? If you find yourself frequently contemplating one or all of these questions (but especially the last one), then The A.V. Club may have just the thing for you. We’re giving away one of Dark Horse’s limited edition Game Of Thrones “Tyrion In Battle” statues. The statue was first designed in 2013, commemorating the thrilling Battle Of Blackwater, and was only made in a limited run. You can get another look at the statue below:


For your chance to win, repost the above image to Instagram or Twitter with the corresponding text:

Instagram: “Win a Game Of Thrones Tyrion statue from @darkhorsecomics via @theavc #AVTyrionStatue.”

Twitter: “Win a Game Of Thrones Tyrion statue from @darkhorsecomics via @TheAVClub #AVTyrionStatue.”


On Thursday, July 30, we’ll select one winner from eligible entries and notify them shortly thereafter via direct message. U.S. entrants only. The “Tyrion In Battle” statue is 10 inches tall, 10.5 inches wide, and has an estimated retail value of $199.99. Below you can watch a “making of” video to see all the work that went into the highly detailed collector’s item.