Even the living dead don’t know when their number is up, so you’ll have to excuse iZombie for stuffing its latest episode with enough twists and turns for 13 more hours of the supernatural whodunit. An (at times literally) explosive season finale, “Blaine’s World” lays the Max Rager conspiracy bare, grants bloody retribution to Major, and runs zombified protagonist Liv through a series of moral dilemmas. It would’ve made for an intriguing series finale, but fortunately it doesn’t have to: iZombie is returning for a second season in the fall, so it’s a good thing Rob Thomas and company left themselves enough characters to populate that second season. Observe the postmortem exam performed by TV editor Erik Adams and staff writer Alex McCown, then check out Myles McNutt’s TV Club take on “Blaine’s World.” (And if you’re catching up over the hiatus, be sure to read Carrie Raisler’s reviews of the episodes that lead up to the finale.)