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You Win Or You DieThe A.V. Club’s weekly dead pool where we place our bets on who we think will die in this week’s Game Of Thrones episode.

Lots of players won big money by betting on the Sand Snake Tyene to die, with Emi Tolibas poised to take over the Seven Kingdoms with $412. Tyene wasn’t the only one to leave last week, with Josh Modell the first to hit zero dollars and the first to leave our dead pool.

Here are this week’s odds:

2-1 Melisandre

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Eckstein the oddsmaker says: She basically said she’s dying, so might as well go ahead and die.

The A.V. Club says: She implied she’d go back to Volantis and then come back to die, so she may yet have more royal-burning, queen-whispering, Prince That Was Promised-ing to do.

3-1 Littlefinger

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Eckstein the oddsmaker says: He’s not doing much these days other than sneering. I absolutely hate his little sneer.

The A.V. Club says: If Sansa killed him, that would be wonderful.

5-1 Davos Seaworth

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Eckstein the oddsmaker says: I think being cooped up at Dragonstone the way he is, he’s going to get pissed and mouth off to the wrong person. Maybe a dragon will pick him up.

The A.V. Club says: Not Davos! Not our Onion Knight!

9-1 Yara Greyjoy

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Eckstein the oddsmaker says: I really like her, but she’s in trouble.

The A.V. Club says: Her outlook is not good right now.

8-1 Any other Sand Snake

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Eckstein the oddsmaker says: Eventually they’ll all die, it’s just a matter of when.

The A.V. Club says: There are a total of eight Sand Snakes—two were killed by Euron Greyjoy, one by Cersei’s poisonous kiss (or so we presume), leaving five more—three of which are Ellaria’s children. Maybe Dorne still has a part to play in the game of thrones?


10-1 Greyworm

Photo: Helen Sloan/HBO

Eckstein the oddsmaker says: I really like him. I would hate to see him go.

The A.V. Club says: Someone we care about will probably die soon, and Greyworm would be a good emotional death.


15-1 Randyll Tarly or Dickon Tarly

Photo: Macall B. Polay/HBO

Eckstein the oddsmaker says: They’re going into battle.

The A.V. Club says: Now that Sam has cured Jorah of his greyscale and figured out the dragonglass thing for Jon, what role does he have to play? His father and/or brother dying would make him, and his story, relevant to the show.


7-1 The field (Theon, Brienne, Podrick, Ellaria, Euron, Sam, The Hound, The Mountain, anyone else)

Prophecies for profit:

Note: Bets placed here stay active throughout the course of the show.

Who will kill Cersei?

Photo: Helen Sloan/HBO

4-5 Jaime Lannister
2-1 Arya
8-1 Tyrion Lannister
6-5 Anyone else

Previous prophecies for profit:

2-1 The Hound emerges victorious in CleganeBowl.
5-1 The Mountain emerges victorious in CleganeBowl.
10-1 Someone else wins CleganeBowl.
3-1 Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen will sit on the throne together at the end of the series.
Over/under on episodes in which Cersei remains on the Iron Throne: 8.5.
Over/under on how many episodes until Jon Snow’s true parentage is revealed to him: 5.5.
2-1 Euron’s gift to Cersei will be one of the Sand Snakes.
3-1 The gift will be The Dragonbinder, a horn that the Valyrians made to bind dragons to the holder’s will.
4-1 The gift will be Lady Olenna Tyrell.
5-1 The gift will be an Ice Dragon.


What will happen at the meeting between Daenerys and Jon?
3-1 They pledge to unite.
5-1 Jon leaves without any agreement.
10-1 They make sweet love.
25-1 They get engaged.
50-1 They become the new Regis and Kathie Lee.

Over/under on total deaths of named characters this week: 3.5

Our picks this week are:

Emi Tolibas ($412 Westerosi bucks in the bank): $20 on the under.

John Teti ($350): $200 on the field.

Leo Garcia ($191): $10 on Littlefinger, $10 on Greyworm, $21 on a Tarly, $20 on the field, $10 to the under. “Littlefinger is a bit of wish fulfillment.”


Marah Eakin ($130): $10 on Melisandre, $20 on Yara, $10 on Tarlys, $20 on the field.

Karl Blomberg ($110): $30 on the field. $20 on anyone else killing Cersei.

Danette Chavez ($90): $10 on the field, $10 on Arya fulfilling the prophecy.

Caity PenzeyMoog ($76): $20 on the field, $10 on Yara, $5 on the Tarlys, $5 on Littlefinger.


Kristi-Lynn Jacovino ($40): $2 on the Tarlys, $5 on the field, $3 on the under. “I’m banking on Jaime killing Cersei, but I don’t have enough money to make that a worthwhile bet with those odds…”

Erik Adams ($34): $10 on Arya killing Cersei eventually, $24 on the field.

Grace Thomas ($25): $10 on dad/brother Tarly, $5 on the field.

Alex McLevy ($25): $10 on the field. “I have very little money left, but I intend to hold on to it as long as possible.”


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