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When In Rome Has Such An Intricate Plot, It Needs To Be Explained To You In Great Detail

I don't know about you, but when I saw the intensely yellow posters for When In Rome, I was so confused it was more like Wha? In Rome, you know?

Did David Lynch direct this? It's all just so strange and complex, like a puzzle, or a 1001 pieces puzzle. So I guess Kristen Bell drives a taxi? A tiny taxi? In Rome? And Fergie's husband proposes to her, because the movie was made by the same studio as The Proposal, which means there's a proposal in it, right? I had to sit down and stare at a fixed, non-retina-searing-yellow point because the thoughts were just coming so quickly it was making me dizzy.


Then I saw the When In Rome trailer, which only made things worse. Apparently, the movie has nothing to do with taxis or proposals. Instead there's something about a fountain and magical coins and a wedding and breath spray. It makes no sense. Like cubism. I'm pretty sure you'd need a degree in Italian studies—or at least a copy of Let's Go: Europe—to understand it completely.

Which is why I'm so grateful that the same studio that brought us all The Proposal saw fit to release this commercial/helpful guide to the intricate plot of When In Rome.

xtine1986 thinks it's "cute with lots of laughs!" and after seeing that I'd have to agree. It's always a good sign when the ads for a movie show making-of bloopers instead of the movie itself.

And I'm so, so glad that they had Kristen Bell explain that she's a workaholic and a cynic, because watching the trailer, I was like, "Why is Kristen Bell not letting love into her life? WHY?" Now I have my answer: She abuses workahol and is probably not thinking clearly.

But I just have one question: Who is Beth? Is she Kristen Bell's twin sister? Cause they look so much alike it's crazy.


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