In today’s installment of our analytical sparring program, Polite Fight, video producer Gus Spelman and editor-in-chief John Teti look at Hahnzee’s Waffle Hut snooping session from this week’s episode of Fargo, “Fear And Trembling.” As Ian McShane’s ’Stache noted in a comment on Zack Handlen’s episode review, time jumps ahead two hours during this scene’s UFO encounter, and John has some other insights into the way time slips around leading up to that moment. John also brings a new theory about the function and meaning of the show’s split screens into the mix, while Gus continues to argue that the stylistic shots give us glimpses into the characters’ thought processes.

Gus and John can’t find common ground on one of this season’s other great mysteries—Peggy’s motives, or lack thereof. Gus believes she’s driven by a secret the show has yet to reveal, but John sticks to his interpretation of Peggy as a character who feels compelled to resist anyone else trying to lay down a narrative for her. A close look at Kirsten Dunst’s multi-layered performance fails to provide definitive evidence either way, and so our hosts agree to wait and see. The show wraps up with a final shout-out to CaliCheeseSucks, for pointing out the difference between Mike Milligan and last season’s Lorne Malvo when it comes to their digital stimulation preferences.