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What happens after Mary Louise makes this face on Big Little Lies?

Meryl Streep
Photo: Jennifer Clasen (HBO)

Here’s what’s happening in the world of television for Sunday, June 30. All times are Eastern.

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Big Little Lies (HBO, 9 p.m.): What’s on the docket for this week’s Big Little Lies? Let’s click and see.

So, pretty uneventful then.

One of the joys of this unexpected second season has been the many faces of Mary Louise (Meryl Streep), who distrusts short people, loves a good scream, has absolutely no regard for boundaries... the list goes on. She has made a lot of great faces about and amidst all that mess, and the one above will continue the tradition. We figure it’s a 50/50 shot she’s talking to Madeline (Reese Witherspoon) about how coordinated cardigans are the mark of an untrustworthy person. Gwen Ihnat will share her thoughts on this most important matter in her recap.


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Wild card

Instinct (CBS, 9 p.m., second-season premiere): When is a boilerplate CBS procedural not a boilerplate CBS procedural? When it’s the Alan Cumming boilerplate CBS procedural, that’s when. Admittedly, Instinct is going to feel very familiar to anyone who’s watched a show where a person with a non-police job—actor, doctor, scientist, author (that’s the case here), magician, you get the idea—teams up with a detective, almost always one who’s had problems with a partner in the past. They’re such an odd couple, and they solve crimes! But this is a fine example of that particular sub-genre, and Alan Cumming is Alan Cumming.


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