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What fresh hell is this full-length trailer for Scream Queens?

Last week saw the debut of a short trailer for upcoming Fox horror-comedy Scream Queens and the results were…not encouraging. Perhaps sensing the lack of enthusiasm, the network has released a new, full-length trailer for the show, nearly three minutes’ worth of plot summary and over-the-top histrionics that put the mugging on Full House to shame. For all the promising aspects of the show—season-long murder-mystery, making fun of the Greek system, Jamie Lee Curtis—Ryan Murphy seems to have handed every actor a Blu-ray copy of his American Horror Story and said, “See this? Make this acting look subtle by comparison.” Emma Roberts’ bitchy queen bee appears to have one character setting, and yes, it’s bitchy. The plot twist that kicks off sorority pledge week? Jamie Lee Curtis’ dean announces that the haughty Kappa Kappa Tau will have to accept any new member that wants to join, this year. That means Keke Palmer, the girl who eats candle wax, and a masked maniac will all be entering the halls of sisterhood, but not all will be leaving, although it seems possible the show will kill the audience well before the cast.


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