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What a fun, sexy 1970s everyone’s having in the new Mad Men trailer

Mad Men has released the first trailer for its final round of episodes, beginning April 5, and as always, it offers images laden with symbolism and portent. Set to Diana Ross’ “Love Hangover” (symbolizing the fact that people on this show drink a lot), and employing the sort of classic TV box-wipes seen on The Brady Bunch (symbolizing that these characters form an unconventional, incestuous family), the mood of this spot is noticeably light and sunny, symbolizing how everything was just so much fun in the 1970s, by decree of Richard “Funboy” Nixon.


Reflecting that carefree spirit, the men of Sterling, Draper, And Whoever Is Left are finally no longer bound by the stuffy conventions of matching their suit pants to their sport coats, and big, bold plaids are everywhere—symbolizing how Americans in the early 1970s were so blinded to the horrors of the world. Unruly sideburns have also made significant advances down the faces of Roger and Pete, symbolizing sideburns. Pete is paunchier and balder yet still offering leering looks at Peggy, symbolizing that he is long overdue for another punch to the face.

Even Don has loosened up, pairing a bright blue jacket with khaki pants, because of the duality. Meanwhile, the women favor flowing floral frocks—except for Megan, who is wearing the ghost of Barbara Eden’s I Dream Of Jeannie costume, because she is dead and also just a figment of Don’s imagination. All will be revealed soon, along with actual dialogue and stories.

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