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This Sunday, throw on your finest ball gown, gin up your most impenetrable sense of false modesty, and prepare to celebrate the best television of the past year (assuming you’re not doing so by watching Breaking Bad) with The A.V. Club and the 65th Primetime Emmy Awards. Yes, we realize the ceremony is going up against the penultimate hour of Walter White’s TV life and the Dexter finale, and that’s why we’ll be a little more casual with our Emmy coverage this year, foregoing a liveblog in favor of tweeting our delight and anguish at other people’s achievements with the dual hashtags #emmys and #avctv. Swing by and chat ’til host Neil Patrick Harris performs his most miraculous trick (Homeland’s lopsided second season walking away with Best Drama?) or stop by momentarily and whisk yourself away to New Hampshire with Walt. Don’t matter none to us—just as long as you’re tagging all those posts with #emmys #avctv. Do it for TV—teacher, mother, secret lover! Do it for The A.V. Club! Do it just to see your words show up in the space below! 

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