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We’ve got a few recommendations for fans of Indian Matchmaking

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Here’s what’s happening in the world of television for Monday, August 31. All times are Eastern.

Top pick 

Love On The Spectrum (Netflix): Where the applicants (and parents) of Indian Matchmaking prioritized relationships meant to last forever, the people of Love On The Spectrum—a reality dating series about people on the autism spectrum looking for, or living with, love and romance—are just looking for a connection. While a few couples are on the show, most of the cast members in this reality series are more curious about the feeling of falling in love and are excited to feel excited about someone.

Wild card

Little Things (Netflix): This intimate Indian series set in Mumbai was a webseries before Netflix bought the franchise and extended its run by two seasons. Little Things focuses on the sweet relationship between Kayva and Dhruv as they navigate the challenges of being a couple in modern-day India. In the first two seasons, no episode clocks in longer than 20 minutes, and the third season has no episodes longer than 40. But the leads are so charming, you’ll end up wanting to savor this lovely little series.

Watch it before it leaves Netflix

Groundhog Day (Netflix): It’s your last chance to watch Groundhog Day on Netflix, assuming you’re not stuck in a time loop that will reset before midnight, thereby allowing you another opportunity to watch this classic Bill Murray comedy. When you’re done, check out this recut of the movie from Rita’s perspective, this ludicrous theory about Ned Ryerson, this piece on where the movie was filmed, and this brief little sequel that came out in February of this year. Little did we know how prescient it would feel…

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