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Watch Saul and Mike meet cute in a new Better Call Saul clip

As the show’s premiere draws closer, AMC is giving the Internet its closest look yet at Better Call Saul, the pre-Breaking Bad story of how hapless criminal attorney Jimmy McGill became still-mostly-hapless criminal/attorney Saul Goodman. So far, inside looks have been limited to exposition-free clips of Bob Odenkirk’s McGill/Goodman talking for a few seconds, a vibrating bed doing its thing, and a shredder tearing through drivers’ licenses (along with a few behind-the-scenes looks and a music video). But things actually, identifiably happen in the newest clip, which shows the first time Saul Goodman meets fixer Mike Ehrmantraut (Jonathan Banks) while the latter is working as a parking garage attendant.

In classic rom-com style, the two get off on the wrong foot, so we assume the pilot will follow their charmingly bumpy relationship and culminate in Saul chasing after Mike in an airport, just before Mike leaves to take that publishing job in Paris. The clip also suggests that Breaking Bad’s rich tradition of ingenious weaponry—explosives disguised as crystal meth, a bomb hidden in a wheelchair and wired to a service bell, a sentry gun rigged up to a car’s remote trunk opener—will carry over to the prequel series, given Saul’s reference to a “poop-filled diaper” being used as a projectile. Better Call Saul is set to debut with a two-night series premiere beginning February 8.

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