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Watch Ryan Hansen lay out his plans for a trip to Hell in this exclusive Newsreaders clip

Adult Swim’s fake news magazine Newsreaders moves to a new time tonight—Fridays at midnight—and the show is marking that occasion with a shocking revelation: Ryan Hansen is going to Hell. Well, not exactly Ryan Hansen—as seen in the exclusive clip above, the Veronica Mars and Party Down star is undertaking this bold venture into damnation in the elegantly scruffy guise of hotel mogul Reese Ballard, whose achievements as “an adventurer, philanthropist, or adventropist” can only be topped by diving deep into the lake of fire. Will Satan’s accommodations meet the high standards of the CEO whose personalized hotel experiences match even their guest’s preferences for clay-based, non-clumping kitty litter? Only the brave few who follow him through the seven gates and into Newsreaders’ new timeslot will know the answer.


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