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Watch Pete Holmes take on a big stack of A.V. Club reader questions

Photo: HBO

A couple of weeks ago, The A.V. Club asked you, the readers, to send us your questions for comedian Pete Holmes. You did, in spades, with dozens upon dozens of readers sending in smart, kind questions for the You Made It Weird host. They ranged from the quick (“Best frozen pizza to pop in the oven when you’re drunk?”) to the heavy (“Do you still believe in marriage, after everything you’ve been through?”), and everything in between.

Brought to you by Pete Holmes: Faces and Sounds

We picked some of our favorites and then jetted out to California, where we met with Holmes at the Black Cat in Los Angeles’ Silver Lake neighborhood. Holmes was as affable and forthcoming as you might imagine, and, as you’ll see in the video below, thought your questions were just outstanding. His thoughtful answers are also below, as is a clip from Holmes’ forthcoming stand-up special, Pete Holmes: Faces And Sounds, which airs this Saturday, December 3, 10 p.m. on HBO.

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