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Watch a high as fuck Doug Benson try to settle a civil dispute

It’s not hard to see why Doug Benson would take it upon himself to settle civil disputes in a makeshift courtroom—he was probably high when he made the decision. But what’s the excuse of the litigants who enter The High Court, we wonder. Are they high too? After all, they are waiving a real legal proceeding and promising to abide by Benson’s decisions, even though he admits in this sneak peek that’s not a great idea. The plaintiff and defendant’s names confuse him, as does the notion of the Kelly Blue Book, so these two women would have been better served on Judge Judy. (Unless, of course, they just want to smoke up in Benson’s chambers with guest bailiff Tiffany Haddish after his ruling.)

The High Court will be in session beginning February 27 on Comedy Central.


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