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Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed.

Now that VH1 has decided shutter Tool Academy and dismantle the Rock Of Love franchise, hundreds of tools are roaming loose, the scent of their self-tanner filling the air, their haunting calls of "Woooooo!" echoing all around. Who will televise these tools? Who will document their courting rituals? Who will give them the dating platform they so desperately need? The Game Show Network, that's who.

Behold, Baggage, the worst game show for the worst people ever:

Baggage! Get it? Cause everyone carries around metaphorical emotional baggage, and also sometimes people carry around literal baggage filled with giant placards describing their various problems.  I can't wait for the episode where the dater opens his large suitcase to reveal three small children. "My baggage is that I make three small children live in a suitcase. Ha ha. Date me!"


You would think that The Game Show Network would know that not every game show has to include the dramatic opening of many suitcases.

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