If you’ve been walking around with a “Danny McBride yelling at kids”-shaped hole in your heart ever since Eastbound & Down finished its run, prepare to be, um, filled. The first teaser trailer for McBride’s and Jody Hill’s new HBO series, Vice Principals, was released today, and opens with Neal Gamby (McBride) rushing in to break up a fight between students, only to get punched in the jaw in the process. This time around, it looks like McBride’s character actually cares about his job, which is why he gets so passionately involved in his rivalry with fellow administrator Lee Russell (Walton Goggins) for the top spot at their school. This being a series from the creators of Eastbound & Down, though, things escalate quickly as egos, tempers, and reckless property damage get involved.

You can see more of these fine Southern gentlemen fighting like a couple of kids when Vice Principals premieres on HBO this July.