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Violence and donuts dominate the trailer for Fargo’s second season

FX has released its first real trailer for the second season of its critically beloved drama Fargo, giving viewers their first peek at the show’s new setting in ’70s South Dakota. Like the teaser trailer released last month, this one is more about tone than plot, but it does at least give glimpses of the new season’s cast, including Patrick Wilson as a younger version of Keith Carradine’s character from the first season and Ted Danson as a bearded Sioux Falls sheriff. (There’s no sign of that bird from the earlier teaser, who’s presumably busy presiding over another pristine tableau of blood-spattered snow.)


There are a few obvious references to the show’s new time period; season two of Fargo is set 27 years before the show’s first season, and even predates the events of the Coen Brothers film on which the show is based. But despite all the retro hairstyles and older model cars on display, the trailer’s real goal seems to be establishing that the jump back in time hasn’t changed what kind of show Fargo is. There’s still snow and violence, juxtaposed against each other while desperate people try to wriggle out of traps of their own design. And there’s still that inescapable “oh gee” accent, which is just as comfortable issuing threats or offering somber thoughts on the nature of human evil as it is calmly ordering a donut in the aftermath of an act of calculated brutality.

Fargo returns to FX in September.

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