Given the sheer number of Luke Cage teasers and trailers suffusing the internet, you could be forgiven for picturing some sort of trailer editor equivalent of Tony Stark in Iron Man 3, forever tinkering and tweaking footage in place of superpowered suits, refusing to admit that no amount of new trailers can stave off the anxiety and existential dread of life. Then again, maybe they just keep having good ideas, because this latest trailer is the most badass one yet. The first half focuses on our villains, led by Mahershala Ali’s smiling and deadly Cornell Stokes, while also giving more time to Alfre Woodard as the one who puts the “family” in their illicit family business. These trailers are largely about capturing the mood and tone of the series, establishing not just the “reluctant hero” angle of Cage’s story, but conveying all the ways this won’t look or feel like any of the other Marvel series. And if that great music providing the background to the battle for Harlem wasn’t enough for you, there’s a last-second cameo from Method Man, offering more evidence that “P.L.O. Style” should be everyone’s joint, not just Luke Cage’s from back in the day.