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It’s not even Thanksgiving, but we’re firmly in the throes of heartwarming Christmas movie season. With The Knight Before Christmas, Netflix makes its latest entry into the marketplace. The film, which stars Vanessa Hudgens and Josh Whitehouse, involves the improbable transport, via “old crone” of a heroic fourteenth century knight into modern day Ohio, where he meets a weirdly nonjudgemental young lady, learns modern lingo overnight, and is tasked with completing his knightly quest. And, because he’s Christmas, he develops feelings for both said young lady and the robust heartiness of a good cup of hot chocolate along the way.

It’s all very formulaic and predictable, but heartwarming all the same. And, as Hudgens and Whitehouse told The A.V. Club in a recent interview, that’s what audience members—themselves included—seem to want this time of year. That revelation, as well as a look into the pair’s individual Christmas tree decorating schedules, is above.


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