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UnREAL, a dramatization of the behind-the-scenes machinations of a Bachelor-like reality show, had a stellar, Peabody Award-winning first season—and has been trying to get that mojo back ever since. After a decidedly conflicted season two, and a better, but not much better season three, The Hollywood Reporter announced today that season four will likely be the series’ last, with the episode order topping off at eight instead of the series’ usual 10.


UnREAL is usually based at Lifetime, but, as THR puts it, “in a rare and surprising move, will first air on Hulu rather than on its original home at Lifetime.” It was previously estimated that season four would debut in 2019; shooting for UnREAL’s season four wrapped up in January, so hopefully the show can go for sooner rather than later this time. (An 18-month lag between season two and the recently concluded season three did not help the show’s momentum.)

Plot-wise, season four also boasts the unusual move of placing troubled UnREAL producer Rachel (Shiri Appleby) into the role of the series’ “Suitress,” now blonde and manipulating contestants in front of the camera for once. Even Quinn (Constance Zimmer) looks concerned, but it’s an intriguing enough twist that it might pull in some lapsed UnREAL fans for this probable final season.

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