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Unfortunately, there's an app for everything in this first look at season 4 of Rick And Morty

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Making a season of Rick And Morty takes time. Like, a lot of it. It takes so much time, in fact, that the show has even explicitly poked fun at the long stretches between seasons, letting a certain little poopy pants cop to the “like, year-and-a-half… or longer” viewers would have to wait to see a finale-ending cliffhanger resolved. Far from dampening interest in the bleakly comic animated series, these dishearteningly Rick-less periods only seem to intensify the devotion of fans, who rally around every scrap of available info or time-killing supplemental item—that is, when they’re not making life hell for the employees of their local McDonald’s.

Said loyalists still have a good four months to wait before laying eyes on the first of the whopping 70 episodes Adult Swim has ordered since realizing, hey, this thing is a massive hit. The show reportedly won’t return until November, shortly after the season premiere screens at the second annual Adult Swim festival and more than two years after the third season wrapped up on a surprisingly, relatively hopeful note. But there’s a little info out there to tide fans over, including an impressive list of guest stars and even some insight into what sci-wonders might make their way into the distantly futuristic fifth season. And today, creators Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland offered a sneak peek of the forthcoming fourth season at the official Rick And Morty Comic-Con panel.

Check out the clip below, Rick-less, but still mighty.

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