Tyler Perry is known for three things: 1. Owning his own island (possibly called Tyler Perry's Tyler Perry Island); 2. Creating Madea, the most hilarious fat-suited child-abuser in recent memory; and 3. Refusing to pick a tone in any of his movies.

In a way, that last thing is sort of ambitious. "Why can't every movie encompass all tones?" Tyler Perry, director, writer, and star of all Tyler Perry movies seems to be asking. "Why can't I be everything to everybody?" Of course, the answer to those questions are "Because then you won't have a movie so much as you'll have a swirling cauldron of inanity," and "Because then you'll end up being a giant mess to everyone." And if you've ever seen a Tyler Perry movie by Tyler Perry, then you know that "a giant mess" is exactly what you get.

For example, The Family That Preys was a muddled mixture of wacky buddy roadtrip comedy, The Bucket List, and Lifetime movie melodrama. I Can Do Bad All By Myself was part musical, part bleak family melodrama, part zany Madea interlude. And then there was Why Did I Get Married?, which was part marriage melodrama; part Lifetime-y wronged-woman-stands-up-for-herself-finds-happiness melodrama; part ensemble comedy; and part Maximlillian Furs showroom (How many fur coats and fur accessories does a couple need for a weekend in the woods? According to Tyler Perry's Why Did I Get Married?, at least eight or nine.)


Now, Tyler Perry has made a sequel to Tyler Perry's Why Did I Get Married, Tyler Perry? Did I mention Tyler Perry? Tyler Perry., and it looks like he's finally chosen one tone! The weird part is that tone is horror:

Okay, so the movie, Tyler Perry's I Am Another Person Who Is Also Asking Why I Got Married, is also part thriller, part resort-wear collection, and part Biggie's "Hypnotize" video, but it looks like it's mostly horror—and that's a big step forward for Tyler Perry.