The A.V. Club is premiering the season three trailer for Hulu’s Deadbeat, which wants you to forget everything you think you know about stoners (which shouldn’t be too hard if 4/20 is a “holiday” you observe year-round). Reaper’s Tyler Labine stars as Pac, a psychic medium by day and a burner by night (and okay, day). He’s struggled to really get his communing-with-ghosts business off the ground in previous seasons, but things are looking up now that he’s met Clyde (Kal Penn). The newfound buds will go into “unfinished business” together in a “joint venture” to blaze a trail and dispel the lazy stoner myth once and for all. To do that, Pac and Clyde throw on tuxes and what look like mesh nipples to woo clients and battle various foes, including a possible LARPer played by Girls’ Alex Karpovsky.

You can find out if Pac and Clyde meet their endo when Deadbeat season three debuts in its entirety April 20 on Hulu.