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TV is my friend

I haven't been to the movies much in the past year, I'm ashamed and saddened to admit. Sure, I still make one or so a month, but the TiVo gets lonely, and not only that, it fills itself up with shows that rival–and often surpass–what's at ye olde cinema. I think we've said this before, but isn't TV awesome lately?

Deadwood: Holy shit. What a bummer if the newly minted third season turns out to be the last, as the rumor mill has it. Creator David Milch apparently wants to do a fourth, but all of the actors–including Ian McShane as the amazing Al Swearengen–are no longer under contract. The scene in last Sunday's season premiere in which Al threatens not only to kill weasel-y little EB Farnum, but to desecrate his ashes… mmm, that's good TV. It's Deadwood's realization that every character and storyline is important that makes it compelling viewing. You. Watch. Now.

Entourage: Buncha dudes acting like dudes, sure, but it's awfully smart and totally believable. (Presumably because it's based on the adventures of exec producer Mark Wahlberg, who knows a thing or two about being a Hollywood party guy.) Kevin Dillon is hilarious, and first-episode guest turns from Mercedes Ruehl and James Woods–the latter as a hilarious asshole–foretell good things for season three.

HBO, you are my hero. This fall: The Wire. More Ali G?

What are ya'll watching? Don't tell me Lucky Louie, because the five minutes I saw were pretty ugly.


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