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TV Club update: Announcing TV Club Classic

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We're a couple of months into this TV Club thing and we hope you're enjoying it as much as we are. (And in the case of a few shows, maybe more than we are.) We also hope you'd like a new feature. You would? Hey, great, because we're going to be rolling out a TV Club Classic section covering classic seasons, and sometimes whole runs, of series episode by episode.

First up: Twin Peaks, as covered by yours truly. Why? Well, I'm out of shows to write about right now, but if anyone else on staff used to wear a Log Lady t-shirt to high school on a regular basis, I'm not aware of it. We'll start next Wednesday with the pilot episode than cover two episodes a week after that until we're done. (Maybe I'll even throw in Fire Walk With Me as a bonus, although I can't say I'm in a hurry to watch that again.)

With so much great TV on DVD we've got plenty of other shows we could cover. But what should we cover? Let us know. Right now we'd like to stick with shows that have been off the air for at least a couple of years and we'd love to hear your non-J.A.G. suggestions. And, hey, with this writers strike looking like it's not going to end soon, it looks like we're going to need all the classic TV we can get.


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