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Hey, it's time for the new fall TV season again, which means it's also time to dust off the summer cobwebs here at TV Club headquarters, shut down (or at least scale back) TV Club Classic, and get excited about the new and returning series. So as we start ramping up to become a fully operational TV Club once again, it seems like a good time to let readers know what to expect.

Short version: A little bit of the old and a little bit of the new. Maybe just a really little bit of the new.

While there's plenty of excitement for returning favorites, everyone here feels a little bearish on this year's crop of new shows, a fairly thin batch thanks in part to last year's writer's strike. When it comes to committing to full season, episode-by-episode coverage, so far we're only sure we're going to cover Fringe and True Blood. It's probably not a coincidence that those are the only shows we've had a chance to sample in full so far. We'll be watching plenty more as the season roles out, however, and if we fall in love with, say, My Own Worst Enemy or Gary Unmarried we're prepared to take the plunge for full-season coverage.

So in the coming weeks, look here for reviews of new shows (and the occasional check in with an old show we're not covering in full) alongside regular coverage of choice series.

Which series will we be covering every week? Glad you asked. Here's how it breaks down.


Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (premieres 9/8)

How I Met Your Mother (premieres 9/22)

Chuck (premieres 9/29)

Heroes (premieres 9/29)


The Shield (premieres 9/2)

Fringe (premieres 9/9)

House (premieres 9/16)


America's Next Top Model (premieres 9/3)

Pushing Daisies (premieres 10/1)

Friday Night Lights (premieres 10/1)


It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia (premieres 9/18)

The Office (premieres 9/25)

30 Rock (premieres 10/30)


True Blood (premieres 9/7)

Entourage (premieres 9/7)

Dexter (premieres 9/28)

Fox Animation on Sundays (premieres 9/28)

Don't see your favorite show listed? There's still time to make a difference in the comments below. If demand is there for, say, week-in, week-out coverage of Knight Rider or CSI: SVU we'll consider it. (CSI: SVU is a show, right?)

Finally, we're now entering year two of TV Club, which debuted with last year's new fall season. (With, if you'll recall, my review of the so-hot-people-are-still-talking-about-it HBO series Tell Me You Love Me.) It's been a thrill to watch it grow since then. Thank you all for reading and commenting. We couldn't do it without you. (Well, we could, but what would be the point?)


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