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Try a Nightcap to end the year off right

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Here’s what’s up in the world of TV for Wednesday, December 28. All times are Eastern.

Top picks

CFB on Fox: Foster Farms Bowl (Fox, 8 p.m.): Are you ready for some college football?!? Hopefully, because that’s what’s happening tonight, live from Santa Clara, California. This year it’s the Indiana Hoosiers at the Utah Utes. Not to be confused with Hoosiers and “the two ‘yutes’.” At least not this time around.


Nightcap (Pop TV, 8 p.m.): Here’s a reminder that Alexandra Wentworth’s Nightcap has turned out to be a fairly delightful comedy. Even the Gwyneth Paltrow episode. In this week’s “IBS-ISIS”: “Famed chef Mario Batali tries to aid Staci as she struggles through a horrible bout of IBS. George Stephanopoulos schools Penny on ISIS, an organization she is worried is trying to recruit her.” Now that is some light comedy, don’t you agree?

Vikings (History Channel, 9 p.m.): Tonight’s sole bit of regular coverage couldn’t be any less light, as Vikings goes after “All His Angels”: “King Aelle can’t hide his pleasure when Ragnar arrives in a cage and shows him no mercy.” Like we said, Vikings doesn’t know lightness, and just like King Aelle (as well as the sensei at the Cobra Kai dojo), Dennis Perkins will show no mercy when it comes to his review.

Premieres and finales

My Crazy Ex (Lifetime Movie Network, 9 p.m.): My Crazy Ex returns tonight for its fourth season and new time slot. We’re sure you’ve missed it. Just a reminder: “My Crazy Ex tells the extraordinary-but-true stories of past relationships that went seriously awry when one partner’s behavior goes from romantic… to excessive… and then to the extreme.” Yes, this sounds like Investigation Discovery’s turf, but let’s be real. Investigation Discovery stepped on Lifetime’s turf first with all of its lady killer shows. We all know this to be true.


My Crazy Sex (Lifetime Movie Network, 10 p.m.): What a difference just one letter makes. Think about it, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. So what is this new LMN series about? Well it’s in the title, but here we go: “My Crazy Sex reveals the outrageous, intimate tales of ordinary people’s most extraordinarily embarrassing and regrettably ridiculous sexual misadventures. In the series premiere, a wedding reception hook-up leads to a sticky situation.” This sounds like an unfortunate pick, even in the new television wasteland of tonight. Love yourself. But maybe not in a way where you end up on this show.

Streaming pick

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, “Who Needs Josh When You Have A Girl Group?” (The CW): We still have “Friendtopia” on our brains, which means the mind control is really working.

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