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Trump (and other evil clowns) are the big scare in the new American Horror Story trailer

Hey, remember back in mid-2016, when America’s suburbs were briefly terrified by the thought of people lurking outside houses, dressed up as creepy clowns? It looks like Ryan Murphy definitely hopes you do, because the new trailer for the latest season of American Horror Story, Cult, goes in heavy on evil-clown based imagery.

The overall theme of the new series looks to be post-election anxiety, with series mainstays Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters freaking out (albeit in very different ways) after Donald Trump is declared the next American president. From there, things only get more worrying and upsetting, complete with child-hating babysitters and a reappearance by the series’ classic evil clown, Twisty, from the show’s Freak Show season.


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