Most people in America are totally happy and content living “on the grid.” They’ve got Angry Birds on their phone, they’ve got government surveillance keeping an eye on them at all times, and they’re free to get upset about stupid crap like Starbucks cups. What a lot of those people don’t realize, though, is that there’s another way to live: They can go off the grid, cut off all their ties with normal people, and survive by robbing convenience stores and driving ATVs everywhere. WGN America’s upcoming drama series Outsiders (executive produced by Paul Giamatti) is all about the conflict between these two groups. Interestingly, this trailer seems to be setting up both sides as equally bad—even though the “Outsiders” are hypocritical thieves who hate the city people but love stealing their stuff—so the show will probably either humanize both sides or directly position the Outsiders as the heroes. We’ll find out when Outsiders premieres on WGN America on January 26.