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Trailer for season 2 of Lip Sync Battle is like a preview of next year’s viral videos

Say what you will about Lip Sync Battle or the recurring Tonight Show bit that inspired it, but it’s hard to deny that it can be a lot of fun to watch the right celebrity perform the perfect song. It gives them a chance to poke fun at their own image while also making themselves come across more relatable and more talented than anybody would’ve thought. So, even if the idea of a second season of Lip Sync Battle doesn’t seem exciting on the surface, this new trailer is still worth watching for the chance to see a preview of the hilarious and/or epic clips you’re going to be seeing on the internet the day after their episodes air. For example, you know it’s going to be all over Facebook when Spike shows the episode where Josh Gad dresses like Donald Trump and kisses another Donald Trump. Or how about when The Backstreet Boys show up? Everyone loves The Backstreet Boys. Either way, the real hook for this trailer comes around the halfway point, when Jim Rash straddles Joel McHale. It’s practically a Community reference!


Season two of Lip Sync Battle will premiere on Spike on January 7.

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