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It was pretty awful when Tracy Morgan’s limousine was struck by a Walmart freight trailer last year, killing fellow comedian James McNair and leaving Morgan critically injured. It didn’t help that Walmart responded horribly, or that there were times when Morgan’s long-term prognosis, physically and professionally, seemed tenuous.


Since then, things have begun to turn around for the comedian: He made an emotional appearance on the Today Show, he locked down a movie gig with two guys almost as loud as he is, and now he’s returning to where it all began. No, we’re not talking about the New Jersey turnpike where the collision occurred (you monsters). Instead, Tracy will be hopping back onto the stage of Saturday Night Live, where he first found mainstream success.

But things get uncomfortable in this promo reel when Morgan appears to become disoriented and suffering memory loss. He’s fine, of course; he’s just fucking with us. But by the end of the reel, it’s not clear if he mistook Bobby Moynihan for Horatio Sanz because of the accident, or for the same reason we all confuse Moynihan and Sanz. And hopefully the bowling alley and elevator Morgan brags about were at least partially paid for using the settlement he reached with the ghouls at Walmart.

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