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Today’s Amazon deals: Treat yo’ self to Parks And Recreation: The Complete Series

Photo: NBC

In an effort to both serve our readers and help support The A.V. Club, we are going to post daily links to deals and interesting items that we find over on Amazon. If you use these links to click through and buy something—not just the thing you clicked—on Amazon, we will see a portion of that income. You don’t have to do that if you don’t want to, but if you do, know that we appreciate it.

Parks And Recreation: The Complete Series ($49.99)
Mike & Molly: Seasons 1-6 ($59.99)


As you may have read on Newswire this morning, millennials won’t watch anything they have a hard time getting their hands on. This, The A.V. Club’s TV Editor Erik Adams says, is why TV box sets are still important, as they provide an essential way into certain shows that millennials really should know. That’s the case with Parks And Recreation, which, really, everyone should know and love. Amazon is offering a deeply discounted version of the complete series up as its deal of the day today, along with a set containing the entire Melissa McCarthy CBS vehicle Mike & Molly. Definitely pick up Parks, and let your conscience be your guide regarding Mike & Molly.

Emile Henry granite pizza stone ($32.99, was $60)

Amazon’s other excellent deal of the day today is this pizza stone, which is going for a full 45 percent off its normal retail price. Use this little granite buddy to make pizza on your grill or in your oven, and then cut right on it. It’s also dishwasher safe, which is a huge bonus.

Holmes 36-inch oscillating tower fan with remote control ($39.99, was $54.99)


Everyone needs a little air movement in their home from time to time, even in the winter. This fan gets the job done at a pretty reasonable price, and it even comes with a remote.

3-prong 1-to-4 power cord splitter, 3 pack ($18.39, was $59.99)


Everyone loves a good extension cord or power strip, right? These little guys do the work of both, minus the surge protection.

FoodSaver automatic vacuum sealing system, with bags ($159.95, was $199.99)


To editorialize a little here, let me just say that I have a vacuum sealer, and it’s a game changer. You can use it to marinate, or just buy family size packs of meat and then break them up for a decent savings. It’ll pay for itself, honestly, and it’s fun to use.

Black And Decker Lithium ion drill with 100 accessories ($69, was $129)


This Black And Decker drill would make an excellent Christmas present for your mom, dad, or kid sibling. It’s also a great thing to pick up for yourself, if you don’t already have a drill. Fuck those shitty Ikea allen wrenches. This kind of thing makes furniture assembly downright tolerable.


Windproof, waterproof, automatic umbrella ($16.99, was $42.98)

With almost 50 reviews, this compact little umbrella is drawing 4.5 stars on Amazon, which is pretty impressive considering the low standard we hold most umbrellas to. It’s windproof to 60 mph, and reflective around the edge, meaning if you smack into someone on the street with this thing, it’s your own damn fault.


Workfit adjustable exercise bike with desk ($219, was $349)


Standing desks are cool and all, but why not get a little more exercise while you’re doing your job? That’s the goal of this Workfit product, which lets you chill on your laptop while you’re pedaling away. Plus, for just $68 more, an Amazon technician will even come to your home or workplace and put it together for you.

Qwik-Clean hairbrush ($29.99)


Getting old hair out of a brush is the worst. This product does the work for you, and, if the photos are any indication, still gives you the satisfaction of getting to trash a weird mat of solid hair.

Pure Fitness gravity inversion therapy table ($84.99, was $149.99)


Bad back? Then maybe you should hang upside down. That’s the method behind this inversion table, which the description says helps you combat “the negative effects of gravity.” It folds for easy storage.

Vegetable spiralizer with 4-blade bundle ($11.99, was $32.99)


Make zucchini noodles or sweet potato spirals with this product, which advertises “minimal vegetable waste” and removable blades for easy cleaning.

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