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Rubbermaid 42-piece food storage containers ($9.95)

Ten bucks for 21 different food storage containers plus their corresponding lids? What a deal. Seriously. These always go missing at work or at home, and it’s always good to have extras around, especially as soup and stew season approaches.

Black & Decker Jr. chainsaw ($25.99, was $39.99)


Pick this up for a kid who wants to be in construction, or for one who’s interested in the slashing arts.

Levi’s men’s jeans ($29.99 for Prime customers only)

Being an Amazon Prime subscriber can pay off in more ways than just the free shipping and access to all sorts of video and audio streaming. Amazon has been offering deals just for Prime subscribers, and today’s—$29.99 Levi’s jeans—is pretty solid. Both the 505 and 511 are up for grabs, in a huge range of sizes. If you’re a dude, and you wear Levi’s, you might as well pick some up, even if you’re good on the jeans front right now. You’ll always use them. And if you’re not a Prime subscriber, you can either opt in now, or check out the 30-day free trial, which is always a deal.


Mountain House emergency food kits ($28.99 and up)

With Election Day swiftly approaching, it might be time to start thinking about what you’re going to do when everything goes to shit and we all have to live off the grid. Mountain House offers a variety of emergency food options, some of which are on sale today only on Amazon. You can choose from the 2-day kit ($28.99), or opt for the 14-day kit, which goes for $275. There are other options in between, so figure out how long it’s going to take you to walk to Canada and pony up accordingly.


Half-off Dockers clothing ($4.15 and up)

Amazon is offering up to 50 percent off on almost 200 items of Dockers clothing today, for women, men, and boys. There are also accessories, like belts and wallets, should you not be interested in sensible sweaters and flat-front khakis. That being said, it’s always good to own a couple of pairs of pants that aren’t jeans, so why not get them on the cheap?


Black & Decker Dustbuster ($39.99, was $62.49)

This translucent, washable cleaning tool is cordless and lightweight, and will help you get rid of anything from spilled food to pesky dog hair.


Gremlins, Gremlins 2, and two adorable Funko Pop figures ($32.49 for a Blu-ray set)

This two-disc set is the perfect present for anyone who is Gizmo- and Stripe-crazy. With both of the Gremlins movies and two cute collectibles, it hits all sorts of sweet spots.


Build-A-Bear Workshop stuffing station ($24.99, was $29.99)

According to the listing, this toy will let you “stuff, dress, and cuddle 2 Build-A-Bear Furry Friends in your own home.” You could also just buy stuffed-animal shells and filling and do it yourself, but then you wouldn’t have this fun, useless machine.


Chucky: The Complete Collection ($19.99 on DVD)

This six-disc set includes all six Child’s Play movies plus all sorts of bonus features, including commentary from directors and Chucky’s designer. Chucky himself even chimes in on select scenes, as if these movies weren’t already terrifying enough.


Archer ID badge holder and card set ($11.02, was $12.99)

Want to go as Archer for Halloween but can’t figure out that pesky ID holder? Have no fear, because Amazon is here. This set comes with four replica badges, and you can purchase others to get all 10 available badges. It’s also an officially licensed Archer product, lest you fear copycats.


Men’s deluxe adult Batman costume ($32.38 and up, depending on size)

Treat Yo Self to this Batman costume and harness your inner Ben Wyatt.


Risk: Game Of Thrones ($51.97, was $74.99)

If you like Game Of Thrones, and you like Risk, you might like this board game, which lets you skirmish and dominate all over Westeros and Essos. With over 600 unique game pieces, this version of Risk really goes above and beyond.