Watch out, Ian Ziering! (Photo: Screencap of Sharknado 2)

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Fred Perry coated rucksack ($66.50, was $95.00)

There’s something so nice about a nice coated piece of canvas. Fred Perry understands that, and that’s why they’ve made their lovely coated backpacks available on Amazon. At 30-percent off retail, they’re a steal, and perfect for the daily commute, rain or shine.

Manhattan Portage messenger bags (starting at $35.00)


If you’re looking for something more cross-body, there are always these Manhattan Portage messenger bags, which are also currently on sale on the site. There are a number of varieties, from those meant for biking to those more suitable for the farmer’s market. Go dig, pick some colors, and see what you find.

Sharknado: Feeding Frenzy, Sharknado 2: The Second One, or Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No! ($3.99 to rent, $4.99 to own)


Look, the Sharknado movies are pretty dumb, and yet, they keep making them. If you’re interested in subjecting yourself to some Ian Ziering madness, then you might as well do it as cheaply as possible, and luckily, Amazon can help you with that today.

Nerf Lazer Tag two-pack ($52.59, was $63.99)


Though they’re made by Nerf, these laser tag guns let you face off in laser combat without having to fork over big bucks in some weird strip mall. With lights, sounds, and vibrations, these guns are the real deal.

Vampire bottle opener ($7.91)


This plastic and metal bottle opener is both creepy and a little bit arousing, especially when you consider it can open any beer in your house.

Wireless remote control electrical outlet switch ($25.48, from $39.98)


Too lazy to get up and actually turn off your dumb lamp? Now there’s a remote for that. This set of five outlets are fully controllable with a remote, which you’ll probably lose, but that’s okay, because those lamps will still turn off the old fashioned way too.

TaoTronics Bluetooth wireless headphones for running ($19.99, was $35.99)


These sweat-proof, noise-canceling headphones are great for the gym, or for all your jogging needs. They fit right in your ears, and won’t jostle right out like those lousy Apple earbuds.

Two pack of TechMatte magnetic car mounts ($9.49, was $49.99)


Snap these in your air vents and throw a magnet in your phone case, and presto, you’ve got hands-free browsing. It’s perfect for city mapping, quick podcast changes, and speakerphone chitchat. Plus, they’re way safer than what you’re probably doing now, which is just looking down at your lap at stop lights.

Chef Buddy kitchen sink cutting board ($16.98, was $29.98)

With 185 square inches of cutting area, this board should make chopping much easier, especially for those with little counter space and a small apartment. It’s also got a removable strainer, meaning less reaching to pick freshly washed produce out of the sink.