There isn’t a whole hell of a lot to see in this teaser for AMC’s Preacher. We mean, there is a lot going on—Cassidy’s burning, Cassidy’s bleeding or gorging, and the preacher’s punching—but the action is all sped up so as to make the scenes go by in a blur. If you don’t need to blink (or just happen to know how to slow the damn thing down), though, you might be able to see a helicopter crash, a church orgy (well, they’re doing something), a dead guy with toy soldiers on his face, and finally, Dominic Cooper’s Jesse Custer clearing his throat at the pulpit. But we still have seen neither hide nor hair of Tulip, John Wayne, or the Saint Of Killers (though we did get an eyeful of Arseface). Let’s hope AMC remedies that in the full trailer, which will have its world premiere during this Sunday’s supersized episode of The Walking Dead. And feel free to let us know in the comments what we missed.