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Tim Heidecker of Tim & Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! tweeted some tweets (@timheidecker) earlier today taking issue with our best-TV-of-the-year lists—specifically the fact that neither Awesome Show or Check It Out With Dr. Steve Brule were honored. I know, your first instinct is probably either "He's totally right!" or "Sour grapes, pal."

I was actually sort of touched that Heidecker—who I think is one of the two funniest guys on TV, along with Eric Wareheim—cared enough about our opinion that he cared to tweet. (And follow it up with an e-mail saying, "Hey, I shit-talked you a little bit on Twitter, nothing personal.") He's told us in the past that he's a big fan of the site, and he even stopped by to help us test out a fake alien vagina this year. If I had voted this year, or if freelancer David Wolinsky had, I imagine one or both of those series would have gotten some love. It just goes to show you that the articles at The A.V. Club—especially best-of lists, which we rarely do—are conversation starters more than they are in any way definitive. That's why we've got comments below every article, so you can tell us what we've done wrong. And you do. (We prefer when you politely tell us to check something out, rather than call us pedophile goatfuckers, by the way.)

Anyway, I've decided to give this special A.V. Club award to both Awesome Show and Check It Out. Both of them are certainly worth your time if you're a fan of the wonderfully absurd, or John C. Reilly, or Zach Galifianakis, or just awesome stuff in general. See below for your prize, gentlemen!


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