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Tiger Woods Is Now An Extra In Oz

Annie Leibovitz: Have you ever seen Oz? Great, so what we're going for here is grey, raw, prison-yard weight-lifting grittiness. So just put on this knit cap, take off your shirt, hold these dumbells, and look as if you're gonna shank someone right in the ear if they so much as glance at you. Yes. Like that! Perfect.

Tiger Woods: There's no way this will ever come back to haunt me.

Annie Leibovitz: Tres jolie, Tiger. Tres jolie.

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From Vanity Fair:

Here is what Leibovitz herself had to say about it: “Tiger is an intensely competitive athlete—and quite serious about his sport. I wanted to reveal that in these photos. And to show his incredible focus and dedication.”

Other exclusive, never-before-seen photos of Tiger Woods inside Vanity Fair: Tiger Woods sorting lentils; Tiger Woods playing golf on top of a porpoise; Tiger Woods, shirtless, working on his collection of dioramas depicting himself playing golf; Tiger Woods doing sit-ups on top of a stack of 12 golf bags.

Ah, the merciful end of a tedious, long-running scandal. (When the subject of a scandal appears  dressed up like an extra in Oz on the cover of Vanity Fair next to an article pretending that it's some kind of mystery when a sports star is revealed to be a reckless jerk, it's like great, giant letters spelling "FIN" descend from the heavens and blanket the entire scandal, snuffing it out.)  The one I really feel badly for in all this is poor Jodie Sweetin. Because everyone was preoccupied listening to Tiger's flings tell all on morning shows and in magazines, Sweetin's tell-all Unsweetined went, sadly, un-all-told.