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Tig Notaro finds the funny side of grief in the trailer for One Mississippi

2012 unleashed an avalanche of tragedy upon Tig Notaro, including the end of a long-term relationship, a battle with breast cancer, and the death of her mother. It also was the year that Notaro emerged from stand-up obscurity, the result of a now-famous set where the comedian bravely confronted her personal shitstorm of Biblical proportions.

Amidst these tragedies, Notaro felt compelled to find some common ground with her emotionally inaccessible stepfather, a subject she tackled on a 2012 performance on The Moth. Notaro worked with Louis CK and Diablo Cody to develop a pilot out of these personal challenges, and the pilot episode of One Mississippi became available on Amazon Video last November.

The pilot centered on the acute pain of family members forcibly assembled to remove their matriarch from life support, but the upcoming season appears to linger on the chronic discomfort of keeping the family together. But seeing as this is Tig Notaro’s story, there’s plenty of humor found in the awkward moments as disconnection gives way to connection, only to be interrupted by more disconnection.


There’s no word if there will be any Taylor Dane sightings when season one of One Mississippi becomes available on Amazon starting September 9.

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