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This teaser for M. Night Shyamalan’s Tales From The Crypt is suspiciously light on puns

In the lead-up to M. Night Shyamalan’s new take on the Tales From The Crypt series, there’s been one question weighing heavily on our minds here at The A.V. Club: Will there be a Cryptkeeper? You know, a musty dude with an undead attitude whose rotting corpse serves as a vessel for gloriously cheesy puns to bookend each week’s terror tale? That question has already been answered in the affirmative, but we’re still a little nervous after seeing the first teaser for the show, released on Vimeo earlier this afternoon and promptly copied onto YouTube. Yeah, okay, there’s no dialogue in the segment itself. That’s fair. But they couldn’t even get a “looks like this unlucky janitor made a—scream sweep!” in there at the end? Come on, M. Night. You know you want to—or should we say, you know you haunt to!



Tales From The Crypt returns on TNT this fall.

[via Birth.Movies.Death]

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