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This Is Your Brain On Texting

Every responsible parent knows that texting can kill their child. It's the most dangerous form of teen communication since the smoke signals craze of '97. The real question is: how will texting kill your child? Syphillis contracted via sexting? Deadly miscommunication (for example: "kill" instead of "kewl")? Seizure brought on by interference between your child's iPhone and the V-chip you had implanted in his brain? Texting while walking near a steep cliff? Really it could be anything.

Possibly even a severe allergic reaction to the copious amounts of fake blood applied to your daughter's face while filming a PSA about the dangers of texting while driving.    

(via Popwatch)

Obviously texting while driving is a stupid, potentially very dangerous thing to do, as is doing anything while driving that distracts you from driving, and this PSA really gets that message across very loudly and very bloodily. But, I'm not sure if the "shock value" of this PSA is really all that valuable when it comes to reaching the PSA's target audience, teens. After all, teens love Final Destination, a movie franchise in which one character was graphically sliced into segments by a rogue wire fence. In the trailer for The Final Destination 3-D, a kid almost gets shredded by an evil malfunctioning escalator, and a flaming wheel flies off of a NASCAR car and directly into the face of a teen sitting in the stands. Compared to that, a little three car pile-up in Wales is nothing. I mean, those girls in the car probably cheated death a few days ago, and, well, everyone knows you can't cheat death because then death will get mad and set up an elaborate chain of events that will result in your gruesome, highly cinematic demise.        


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