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This hardcore fight scene from Into The Badlands loves breaking bones

If you were watching Talking Dead last night as the show merrily tap-danced around a controversial moment that, if untrue, would be the lamest fake out in TV history, you also saw a preview for AMC’s upcoming martial arts drama Into The Badlands. It was a clip of a pretty awesome fight scene, featuring lead actor Daniel Wu and his badass ability to dole out punishment to just about anybody who steps to him. It’s so awesome, in fact, that AMC decided to release the full extended fight scene online.


The story of a warrior (Wu) and his young sidekick (Aramis Knight) who begin a spiritual journey across a dangerous land, early ads made Into The Badlands look like an odd cross between a medieval fantasy and The Matrix. This clip does nothing to dispel that impression (those sunglasses Wu’s character has on are pretty silly), but it does prove the show is committed to some serious violence in its fight sequences. The foley artist must’ve been busy, as every single kick or bone break is accompanied by a severe crunching sound, the better to point out just how much damage Wu is inflicting.

The series debuts November 15, when even more severe calcium-snapping will presumably occur.